Friday, July 28, 2017

Ice Spikes Camp

Today I finished building an ice spikes camp in Minecraft.  It includes many different small buildings made of hollowed-out ice spikes and spruce planks.
An overview of the ice spikes camp
The camp includes two tall spikes and several shorter ones.  Each tall spike has a balcony/lookout area about halfway up.  Each area has four chests with bows, special arrows, and enchanted ice.
One of the balconies
A balcony chest, containing spectral arrows and arrows of slowness
On top of one of the spikes is a bedroom, containing a bed, a jukebox, and a chest full of music discs.
The bedroom
The bedroom's chest, containing music discs for the jukebox
The other spike has an enchanting room on top.  The walls are mostly bookshelves,with an enchanting table in the middle of the room. The area also contains a chest with enchanting supplies (lapis lazuli and XP bottles).
The enchanting room
The camp also has many smaller buildings, including a brewing room, a utility room, two watchtowers, and a small mine.

The brewing room

The interior of the brewing room

The utility room, containing a crafting table, furnaces, an anvil, and chests for coal

One of the two watchtowers

The mine, with a hallway leading to the bedrock level
There's even a trading post!  Several buttons will summon different types of villagers.  Once you are done trading, just press the "Done" button to empty the area.
The exterior of the trading post

The trading post, with summoning buttons on the left and an area for the villagers on the right
And of course, what icy camp would be complete without a skating rink?  The Frost Walker II ice skates allow you to freeze the rink as you step onto it.  Try not to fall in as the ice melts!

The ice rink while frozen by the special skates
The chest inside the ice rink building, containing the Frost Walker II "ice skates"

This build was made using the Quark mod, and inspired by Lego set 21131, The Ice Spikes, which is shown below.
Lego Minecraft set 21131

Other Pictures

The mine and the ladder to the enchanting room

A banner design that I used very often throughout the build, depicting one tall ice spike and two short ones

The second watchtower and the utility room